Welcome to the Home of the Phoenix Theater Group

A 501c3 Non Profit Corp.




The Phoenix Theater Group was formed exclusively for charitable, educational and recovery purposes. The non-profit group promotes the life saving message of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction through live theatrical stage performances. However, we will also perform shows which do not have recovery as a theme.      

One of our goals is to involve recovering addicts and alcoholics in the process of theater. There are a great many jobs to be performed in the production of a stage play. Play writing, set design, set building, promotion and performance are among those jobs. The great majority of those who perform those jobs come away from the experience with a sense of accomplishment and pride. And many, who have never set foot on a stage or been involved in theater of any kind, say the same thing... "When is the next play".

We hope that while you are here you will take the time to check out some of our past shows pictures and videos. You can also find information about upcoming shows by clicking “Upcoming Shows” and by getting on our mailing list. To get on the mailing list just click here. When your email opens just hit send. We will be posting information about where and when as soon as we know it. Along with show info we will be posting the latest pictures and video from current rehearsals.

Please stay and have a look around and we’ll see you at the show.